Counter Flow Pellet Cooler Introduction
Counter flow cooler is the basic tool in cooling pellet fuel for convenient package, transport or storage. It has large cooling capacity from 3 ton to 20 ton per hour and is specially fit for industrial biomass pellet production line. The reasonable structure and counter-flow principle guarantees that wood pellets are cooled evenly and sufficiently.

counter flow pellet cooler

Counter Flow Biomass Pellet Cooler Characteristics
1. Adopt advanced counter flow cooling principle, preventing the cold air direct contact with hot pellet in case of pellet fuel surface cracking.
2. Latest octagon cooling bin design ensures even and sufficient cooling; no cooling dead corner.
3. Equipped with slide valve reciprocating type discharging device, ensures stable and reliable running and little residues.
4. Adopt closed air entry system, enlarge the area of inlet air, ensure efficient cooling effect, avoid cross contamination.
5. Low energy consumption, low broken rate and easy operation.
6. There is cooler with turnover type discharging device to choose, equipped with hydraulically controlling system, suitable for pressed and expanded pellets.

Why Choose Counter Flow Cooler
Wood pellets discharged from pellet mill are of high temperature about 65℃-90℃ as well as high moisture content of 17%-18%. Pellets will shock if the air volume or the temperature or humidity is too high. Counter current pellet cooler is used here to remove pellet heat as well as the moisture content in 10 minutes to ensure pellets quality and shelf-life.
Wood Pellet Cooler Working Principle

pellet cooling

Counter flow cooler is mainly composed of rotating feeder, taper distributor, cooling chamber, deceleration brake engine, feed collection hopper and suction system. Biomass pellets discharged from wood pellet machines  are fed into the cooler through rotating feeder and distributed evenly by taper distributor. The cold air passes through pressed pellets vertically from the bottom to the top, which is opposite to the direction of pellets entering. Cold air contacts with the cooler pellets first, and the becoming warmer air touches warm pellets, which will keep the temperature variations between the pellets and the air to a minimum degree. At last, wood pellets are sucked out by suction system and cooled down.

Pay Attention to Counter Flow Cooler Operation
1. Start the fan and air-lock device before the cooler works.
2. Adjust the position of level indicator according to the capacity. The higher required capacity corresponds to higher position of level indictor.
3. When the cooler stops, the materials in the cooler can be discharged by the operation of hand switch.
4. When the cooler works, do not open the observation door.

Counter Flow Cooler Technical Parameters

 Model  SKLN1.5  SKLN2.5  SKLN4  SKLN6  SKLN8
 Cooling volume  1.5m3  2.5m3  4m3  6m3  8m3
 Capacity  1-1.5t/h  2-3t/h  3-5t/h  5-7t/h  8-10t/h
 Power  0.75kw  0.75kw  1.5kw  1.5kw  1.5kw
 Air shutter power  0.37kw  0.55kw  0.55kw  0.55kw  0.55kw