drum wood chipper machine

drum wood chipping machine

Drum Wood Chipper Instruction
Drum wood chipper features a large, motor-powered drum located at the center of the machine. It is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry. That’s why it is popular in places where wood chips used as the starting material for further production like wood pellet plant, particleboard mill, fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, etc. The chipping materials are of great variety such as wood, stalk or straw, etc. Our wood drum chipper is extremely robust and scientifically designed which can transfer wood materials into uniform and high quality chips.

Spotlights of Drum Wood Chipper
※ Large chipping capacity from 3 ton to 30 ton for your reference.
※ Wide range of chipping materials such as wood, wood wastes; non-wood straws, etc.
※ Robust chipper structure and high strength steel plate & knives, durable and good performance.
※ Adjustable wood chips size, low noise and energy consumption.
Besides, wood chippers blades or knives also make contributions to good chips production.
Chipping knives made of special steel guarantees the high standard of
–Resistance of abrasion and bad wearing
–Resistance of different materials fed in
–Raw materials proper heating and quality control.

wood for chipping

drum wood chipper working

wood chips

What Materials Can be Chipped
Our wood drum chipper is versatile and suitable to chip a myriad of raw materials for wood pelletizing.
–for wood materials, it can chip undersized branches, slabs, plump wood, panels manufacturing, leftovers of furniture factories, plant fibers and so on;
–for non-wood materials, drum chipper is fit for sugarcane stalk, bulrush and bamboo.

The Inner Structure of Wood Chipper Shredder

Wood drum chipper can be made into fixed type and movable type according to chipping materials. It is composed of machine rack,blade roller, hopper, conveyor and hydraulic system. The machine body is welded of high strength steel plates and support the whole chipper working. There are two or four blades fixed on blade roller. Because of the different depth of raw materials, the upper roller can float up and down within certain limits under the role of hydraulic system. The regular chips then go through screening sieve while the larger ones need extra chipping.

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About the Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system can start shroud for the convenient change of chipping blades. During maintenance,we can put up the upper feeding roller assembly for adjusting blades gaps and assembling pecten.

We offer not only the best drum wood chipper but also the most humanized service.
–We supply an extra pair of spare parts at delivery;
–We can send technical engineer for drum chipper installation, debugging as well as professional guide.

Drum Wood Chipping Machine Technical Data

Model BX215 BX216 BX218 BX2113
Feeding material size 160*400mm 230*500mm 300*680mm 450*700mm
Blades amount 2 2 2 2
Roller turning speed 592r 590r 650r 500r
Max. Dia. Of Feed material 160mm 230mm 300mm 450mm
Wood chip size 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Capacity 3-4t 7-8t 12-15t 15-30t
Power of main engine 45kw 55kw 110kw 200-250kw
Feeding roller engine power 2.2-3kw 3-4kw 4-5kw 5-7.5kw
Oil pump engine power 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 3kw
Weight 2990kg 4070kg 7000kg 11840kg
Dimension 1470*1550*970mm 1800*4900*1210mm 2200*2150*1500mm 3670*2517*2050mm
Conveyor engine power 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw