sawdust pipe dryer


Wood Pipe Dryer Introduction
Sawdust pipe dryer, also known as flash pipe dryer, has broad application in drying various biomass materials(diameter≤3mm, length≤5mm) like rice husk,wood sawdust and crushed branches,pieces, direct heating. It covers little space since the installation can be pulldown,thus it enjoys wide popularity for relatively smaller industrial workshop; besides, we offer counterflow pellet cooler which has large capacity for commercial pellet cooling.The humid wood sawdust and high temperature air flow cocurrently and then segregator separates moisture from materials. Flash dryer is applied in a myriad of industrial fields such as food,feed,chemistry,drugs and mining,etc.

Sawdust Flash Dryer Features
♣High drying strength. Thanks to the high airing speed, wood sawdust spread evenly and has high drying area;thus has high heat transfering strength.
♣Short drying time. The contacting time of wood sawdust and air is quite short and drying time lasts 0.5-5 seconds. For those heat sensitive or low melting point materials, pipe dryer will never destroy them and affect their quality.

dried wood sawdust

♣High heating efficiency. Biomass materials and air are flowing concurrently,thus the temperature of materials and air can reach a reasonable state; drying moisture content of sawdust or rice husk from 35% to 10% when the air is 180℃(always above 180℃).
♣Wide application,high drying efficiency; simple structure and space saving; little investment and maintenance cost.
♣Optional hot air sources:oil stove,gas stove,coal stove or vapor heat exchanger.

The Working Principle of Flash Pipe Dryer
☉The wet materials are put into the hopper. Then the fuel boiler generates hot air which mixes with wet materials and then is sucked into the pipes by the exhausted blower quickly.
☉The hot air is going through the curving pipes, thus wet materials can get fully dried during the drying process.
☉After the wet materials get dried, the dried materials are expelled out by the exhausted blower.

Operation Notes on Flash Dryer
1. Install the dryer machine as the instruction and then open the fan, check if the fan and feeder running is normal.
2. Check all the valve if the air is out.
3. Make the fire on the fire stove, when the temperature is high enough, and then add the raw material into the feeder.

Flash Pipe Drying Machine Technical Data

Model Model Capacity Reduced moisture
TRM—QLHG22 5.5kw 380—560kg/h 10%-15%
TRM—QLHG36 7.5kw 500-700kg/h 15%-25%