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Wood Hammer Mill Introduction
Wood hammer mill is the most widely applied grinding machine in wood processing industry, and its extensive recognition and popularity lies in the scientific structure. Our wood hammer mill is innovatively designed in the space between hammers and rotors, which makes sure hammers are perfectly protected from metal and other hard residue entry. For grinding wood materials, wood hammer mill tends to welcome to crush soft and small materials such as tree branches, straws, herb, crop stalks, etc. whose diameter is less than 50mm. It has great crushing efficiency and can ensure the end materials diameter of 3mm-5mm.

Advantages of Sawdust Hammer Mill
♤Hammer is cast through new technology, ensuring wear resistance and impact resistance.
♤Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammer and screen.
♤Equipped with air blower, the crushed sawdust can be collected and transported to wood pelleting process directly.
♤Particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.
♤The seal structure avoids dust pollution and ash leakage.
♤Compact structure, low consumption and low rate of wear parts; uniform crushing effect and convenient maintenance make wood hammer mill an upgraded product.

hammer mill structure

Wood Grinding Mill Working Principle
The rotor with hammer is rotating at a high speed when wood materials fall into the crushing chamber from feed inlet. Immediately, materials are smashed through the impact from high speed spinning hammer. The crushed materials, whose diameter is smaller than that of sieve pore, will leak out from the screen pore. However, the large particles will suffer from the strike from spinning hammer again until they become small enough to be squeezed from screen pore.
Wood Hammer Mill Maintenance
1. Lubricating oil should be added to the bearings regularly to ensure the normal operation.
2. Keep the uniform feeding, and avoid feeding the metal, stone and some other hard objects.
3. Pay attention to the attrition rate of easy wear parts, and replace the damaged parts.
4. If the raw materials diameter is more than 50mm, they should be processed by wood chipper first.

hammer mill screen

wood hammer mill blades

How to Improve Agro Straw Hammer Mill Efficiency
–Endeavor to reduce the space between hammers and screens. The smaller the space is, the higher the crushing efficiency.
–Equipped with auxiliary device such as setting up sucking system for wood materials easily entry through screens, thus improves screening and crushing efficiency.

Wood Hammer Mill Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Diameter
of rotor
Width of
 Rotor speed Power
FSP56*36 2.5-5t/h 560mm 360mm 20 2980r/min 18.5/22kw
FSP56*40 4-7t/h 560mm 400mm 24 2980r/min 30/37kw
FSP60*30 2-2.5t/h 560mm 300mm 24 2980r/min 18.5/22kw
FSP60*45 5-9t/h 600mm 450mm 44 2980r/min 45/55kw
FSP60*60 6-10t/h 600mm 600mm 48 2980r/min 75/90kw
FSP60*75 8-13t/h 600mm 750mm 60 2980r/min 90/110kw
FSP112*40 12-22t/h 1120mm 400mm 60 1140 r/min 90/110kw