Either in life or at work, people’s demand of paper is growing. Therefore, the number of waste paper is increasing, which not only causes considerable wastes but poses a threat to environmental protection.


Negative Effects of Paper Waste

Forest destruction.
In our country, paper-making consumes 10 million cubic meters of timber each year, which directly brings that our forests are disappearing at staggering rates. While advocating eco-friendly paper manufacturing processes, many paper-making industries are still cutting our Northern forests. These forests are facing extinction and disappearance.


Environmental pollution.
According to statistics, paper accounts for a third of all litter. The more waste, the more space the landfills occupy. The landfills not only do harm to the appearance of a city, but also spread bacteria and cause illness. Meanwhile, the burning of wastes causes air and environmental pollution.


Ecological deterioration.
The decomposition of paper will produce toxic substances. On the one hand, these toxins are carried into waterways via storm water, animals eat these toxic litter and become ill or die, on the other hand, many toxins leak into the soil and cause ecological damage.

Recycling Utilization Value of Waste Paper
Waste paper can be seen everywhere: discarded newspaper, notebooks, wrapping paper and packing boxes, which have great recyclable value.
Recycling 1ton waste paper can regenerate 800kg good paper, can save 17 trees and 3 cubic meters of landfill space, reduce the paper-making pollution emission by 75%, and each paper can be recycled at least twice.
At present, recovery rate of waste paper in our country is only 20%-30%, annual loss of waste paper is 6 millions tons, which equivalent to 100-300 millions acres of waste of forest resources.


How to Turn “Waste” into Treasure
Equipped with professional experience and advanced technology, our waste paper pellet mill can efficiently transfer waste paper into pellets, which is a green resource to society and environment.
Featured by portability, high efficiency, high yield, low cost and low consumption, our waste paper pellet mill can also be called as the flat die pellet mill whose rollers and die are the key components. When the machine works, either rollers or die will rotate, while the other component keeps stationary. You just need to put the crushed waste paper into the feeder hopper, and then you can get the finished pellets discharged from the outlet.
Waste paper pellet mill developed by Whirlston can be your ideal and reliable choice.