Wood Crusher

wood crusher

Wood Crusher Introduction
Based on wood processing industrial development and special requirements, wood crusher has become the dedicated device for wood crushing procedure in biomass pellets and briquettes production line. It integrates wood materials chipping and crushing, and is specially designed to crush branches, stem, wood logs, square blocks, wood staff, etc. for further processing. The raw material diameter should be less than 200mm, and the moisture content of 30-50%. The crushed sawdust is with diameter of 3-5mm, which is perfect for pelletizing. We offer customized single or combined movable wood crushing machine for wood pelleting plant or paper producing factory.

CE Approved Wood Crusher Features

♡Versatile in crushing wood branches and stems as well as cellulosic materials like bamboo, agro stalk, corn straw.
♡Multifunctional. It integrates wood materials chipping and crushing, thus saves much labor and energy; while for some large materials, chipping is necessary before crushing.
♡Driven by only one motor, ensuring low noise and energy consumption.
♡Adopts self-feeding device, safe crushing; small floor coverage makes it convenient to move.
♡Multilevel crushing process and finely processing principle are adopted to create huge impact force, so that it has high crushing efficiency to bring fine and even sawdust.
♡Optional in customization of wood crushing power and capacity.

wood branches


wheat stalk


wood chips

tree bark

wood sawdust

wood shavings

Wood Crushing Machine Working Principle
Wood crushing process combines blades cutting & high speed air flow impacting and collision together; at the same time, it finishes fine sawdust sorting and further processing. Crushing chamber adopts multistage crushing circuit and finely processing principle, ensuring huge impact, high production efficiency and good crushing ability. Rotors create high speed air flow and rotate along with blade cutting; wood materials speed up and repeatedly impact the chamber and among themselves. Therefore, the robust crushing chamber construction and reasonable structure make wood crusher a reliable wood processing device.

Tips–Purchasing a Proper Wood Crusher
Ensure the correct match of blade and groove. The usage and choice of cutters depend on the thickness of raw materials. The cutters with strong intensity, sharp blade and smooth rake face are better. For the composite board or plywood crushing, double-edged straight flute milling cutter is a good choice. The particle size of processed products is even, and no warping happens in the further process.

Wood Crusher Technical Data

Model Power Capacity Feeding entrance size Dimension Weight
TRM-MFS450 7.5kw 0.3-0.4ton 140*140mm 1.1×0.6×0.6m 220kg
TRM-MFS600 11-15kw 0.6-0.8ton 200*200mm 1.4×0.8×0.8m 550kg
TRM-MFS700 15-22kw 0.8-1.1ton 200*260mm 1.6×0.8×1.0m 800kg
TRM-MFS800 22-37kw 1.2-1.7 250*300mm 1.6×1.2×1.3m 1200kg
TRM-MFS900 37-45kw 2.5-3.2 300*400mm 2.6×1.6×1.6m 2300kg
TRM-MFS1000 45-55kw 3.5-4.5 340*450mm 2.8×1.8×1.8m 2800kg
TRM-MFS1200 55-75kw 4.5-5.5 380*500mm 2.8×1.8×1.8m 3300kg