movable wood pellet plant

500kg wood pellet line

500kg Per Hour Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
Wood pellet plant is a complete set of wood pelletizing equipment which processes wood and agro waste materials into the superior pellet fuel. Our 500kg/h mobile wood pellet production line is the most popular one for small farm recycling crop straws for biomass pelletizing production. Compared to the large workshop plant, it has less room occupation (3800x2000x2500mm) and flexible working places either indoor or outdoor; besides, gear drinving ensures its 10% higher capacity than belt drinving. The complete wood pelletizing unit is more cost-effective, that’s why more and more people tend to choose moveable pelletizing solution.

The 500kg/h mobile type biomass pellet plant mainly composes of the following equipment

mobile wood pellet line equipment

Key working parts in 500kg/h wood pelletizing line

wood crusher

☆ Crushing
The lines adopts wood crusher for biomass materials pulverizing. It has wide application in crushing materials with the diameter of 70mm-200mm; thus its crushing range covers wood materials like logs, stems, twigs and agro wastes like sugarcane bagasse,groudnut shell,sorghm stalks, wheat straw, palm husk, etc. Wood hammer mill can be also a nice alternative for those materials whose diameter is less than 50mm. The pulverized sawdust is of 3-5mm diameter, suitable to drying process.
TRM-MSF600 wood crusher technical data

Name Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Wood crusher TRM-MSF600 500-750kg 22+3kw 1.5ton 1450x750x950mm

sawdust pipe drying machine

☆ Sawdust drying
Sawdust moisture content plays significant role for superior wood pellet production. Generally speaking, 11%-17% moisture content is the acceptable data. Pipe dryer is used due to its attractive price and high drying efficiency. For sawdust contains 55% moisture and diameter of less than 5mm, it is the NO.1 choice. For industrial or commercial sawdust drying, rotary drum biomass dryer is customized here!
TRM-QLHG 32 sawdust dryer technical data

Name Model Power Weight
Pipe dryer TRM-QLHG 32 4kw 0.8ton

☆ Screw conveying
Screw elevator is a conveying device connecting the whole pellet line. It is applied here for transporting crushed and dried sawdust powder for wood pelletizing. Equipped with an independent frequency converter, it works at adjustable slow speed for sawdust feeding in case of the block.
Screw elevator technical data

Name Power Dimension Weight
Screw elevator 2.2kw(adjustable) 2800x160x160mm 0.15ton

☆ Wood pellet pressing
KL400 flat die wood pellet mill is with capacity of 400-600kg/h, ideal for home or small scale commercial wood pellet solution. This small wood pellet machine is designed in a fixed mold and rotating roller stype which has large pressure for soft and hard biomass sawdust pressing.

flat die wood pellet mill

Flat die wood pellet mill is welcome by more and more small scale pellet fuel produciton due to its following spotlights:
–Visible pelletizing process. The operator can keep an eye on the whole pelletizing process in case of any malfunction. Herewith, good quality pellets are guaranteed.
–Less room occupancy. Flat die pellet mill has small structure, thus it is easy to move and has flexible working places. The moveable flat die pellet mill saves much labor and cost in biomass material tranportation.
–Rotating roller and fixed mold design makes stable pelletizing process.
–Flat die wood pellet machine can be of electric and diesel engine, thus it has wide application in even electricity lacking areas.
We also customize large capacity wood pellet solutions with ring die wood pellet machine applied.
KL400 flat die wood pellet mill technical data






Flat die wood pellet mill KL400 30KW 1450x800x1600mm 0.63ton

horizontal pellet cooler

☆ Wood pellets cooling
Wood pellet discharged from small pellet machine is of high temperature about 70-85 ℃ and moisture content above 16% which are inconvenient to transport or package. Integrated pellet cooler here used for small capacity wood pellet cooling and sieving so that you can get qualified pellet fuel. It separates good pellets from pellet crumb or scraps in one process. Besides, the sieving frequency is adjustable based on pellets amount. Counter flow pellet cooler is also offered for large scale wood pellet cooling.
Wood pellet cooler & siever technical data

Name Model Power Dimension Weight
Horizontal cooler machine TRL500 1.5kw 1200x900x1300mm 0.35ton

☆ Dust collecting
Bag dust collector is applied here for filtering powdery material and dust. Equipped with a 4 kw induced fan, the dust filter can suck ash, powder crumb or dust and filter them out to the open air. The dust collecting time and interval can be preset. As crumb and dust are easily to pile up on the collector drawer, pay attention to cleaning the filter timely.
Bag dust collector

Name Power Dimension Weight
Bag dust collector 4kw 1000x1000x2200mm 0.2ton

☆ Electric controlling cabinet
Electric controlling cabinet is an integreated device set with swithes, measuring meter, protective devices and auxillary equipment as requested. It offers power to wood pelletizing line and is easy to overhall, without damage to operators and equipment. The alarm will ring and power will shut down when there is malfunction or breakage. The high automation makes it well received in many industry fields.

electric controlling box

electric controlling cabinet

With wood pellet materials easy access to get, more and more families or small scale farms tend to adopt small mobile wood pellet plant for heating or warming. 500kg/h wood pellet line is born for small capacity pellet fuel production. We are always ready to customize professional wood pelletizing solution guide for all clients.

Mobile Wood Pellet Plant Working Video