combined wood pellet cooler

Combined Wood Pellet Cooler Introduction
Pellet cooling is one of the most important parts in biomass pellet production line. Combined wood pellet cooler adopts novel horizontal design and integrates biomass pellet cooling and sieving. The induced air enters first, then cold air accesses the cooling chamber constantly thus guarantees efficient pellet cooling. Integrated pellet cooler can cool down sawdust pellets fast as well as sieve out wood powder or incompetent pellets at a time, thus becomes a welcome cooling equipment in small, medium or household wood pellet production; For the large capacity biomass sawdust drying, rattler drum dryer can be tailored here.

Horizontal Wood Pellet Cooling and Sieving Machine Features
1. Adjustable speed system ensures low impulsion and reliable operation.
2. Unique sliding valve and discharging unit ensures stable cooling and smooth discharging.
3. Closed steel coverage reduces the noise pollution, easy installation and maintenance.
4. High cooling efficiency and wood pellet hardness can be improved.
5. Especially suitable to expanded and extruded pellets cooling and sieving, ideal for medium and household wood pellet production.

Why Horizontal Wood  Pellet Cooler
Wood pellets have high temperature and moisture content when they come out from wood pellet mill. If packed without cooling, pressed eco pellets can easily stick to each other, lose their shape or even have chance of combustion and mildewing. Horizontal pellet cooler is to prevent these faults and ensures qualified biomass pellet producing.

How Does Integrated Wood Pellet Cooler Work
Horizontal type pellet cooler is made up of drum sieve and frame. The adjustable speed system makes sure drum sieve rotates at a certain speed. Sawdust pellets are separated and cooled from top to bottom on the rotating drum sieve. The fine powder is discharged from the front of drum sieve, and good pellets are discharged from the back of drum sieve, thus finishing pellet cooling and sieving process.

cooled wood pellets

Notes on Combined Pellet Cooling Machine Operation
Start the cooler without any loading. Only after the cooler starts for a while can pressed pellets be fed.
Feeding the cooler evenly in case of the blockage and damage.
Before pellet cooler stops working, make sure wood pellets and other materials inside discharging out completely.

Horizontal Type Wood Pellet Cooler Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Dimension
TRL-500 500kg/h 1.5+4kw 1200*900*1300mm
TRL-1000 1000kg/h 2.2+5.5kw 1500*1100*1500mm
TRL-1500 1500kg/h 4+7.5kw 2300*1600*1600mm