Vietnam, the traditional agricultural country, is the second largest manufacturer of rice in the world. Rice husk, the main by-product from rice milling, is the most suitable raw material for pelletizing in Vietnam. Therefore, the rice husk pellet mill has good market prospect regarding to recycling the rice husk.
Traditionally, the rice husks in Vietnam can not be used efficiently. Its low bulk density leads to the relatively low calorific values, huge volumes for storage and transportation. When used as fuel, large amounts of ashes and pollutant emission need to be handled after burning. Some rice husks are thrown into rivers and canals directly, polluting the environment.


Turning the Rice Husks into Biomass Pellets
Currently, along with the worldwide intensified energy crisis and environmental issues, turning waste rice husks into renewable and green pellets is a good alternative to replace coal, oil, diesel and woods in industry boiler, fireplace, etc. Rice husk pellets, as a form of recycled biomass fuel, can be used in biomass power plants to meet growing fuel demand and reduce environmental pollution. The pellets have high density, customized size and stable calorific value. Besides, the cost is low due to the abundant accessible raw materials in Vietnam.
The high bulk density makes rice husk pellets easy to store and transport, and they can be burnt more efficiently and sufficiently. Typical dimensions of rice husks are 4mm by 6mm. Therefore, rice husks do not need to be crushed when pelletizing, and the low moisture content of rice husks makes it easier to be pressed into pellets. What’s more, the rice husk pellets have no visible smoke at all during the burning, and many people choose rice husk pellets for cooking or heating.


Why is Rice Husk Pellet Mill with Ring Die Much More Popular?
It is estimated that approximately 5.4 million tonnes of rice husk is available from Vietnam alone in 2013. There is no doubt that the demand of rice husk pellet mill keeps rising, especially the rice husk pellet machine with ring die.
* In the actual production, ring die rice husk pellet mill is much more suitable for large capacity biomass pellet production.
* Ring die pellet mill for rice husk adopts imperative feeding device. As the rice husks are very light, so they need to be pushed into pelletizing chamber by force, ensuring smooth operation and high efficiency.
* Ring die rice husk pellet mill can make high quality rice husk pellets without adding any additives.
* Homogeneous wear between roller and die prolongs the service life of pellet machine.
* The biomass pellets produced by ring die rice husk pellet mill have smooth surface, high hardness and bulk density.