alfalfaAlfalfa, a kind of common plant, is widely distributed in the whole world. In Europe, alfalfa cultivation and production are the main parts of agriculture in countries like Spain, France and Romania.
Traditionally, alfalfa is an ideal choice for animal feeding due to its high nutrition value. Besides, it is also a good resource for biomass pellets production. Usually alfalfa pellets are used as cattle feed or fertilizer. But it has been widely recognized that they can also be used as fuel pellets for burning. With an alfalfa pellet mill, it can be realized easily.

Advantages of Alfalfa Pellets as Fuel

* Environmental friendly. The alfalfa pellets release less smoke when burning and leave less ash.
* Alfalfa pellets can be burned efficiently and sufficiently, discharging as high calorific value as traditional fuels.
* After pelletizing, the bulk density is greatly increased, which makes alfalfa pellet convenient for transportation and storage in large quantity.


* With the wide distribution and strong adaptability of raw materials, the alfalfa pellet becomes a nice alternative to traditional fuels and relieves the shortage of fossil energy.
How to Make Alfalfa Pellets?
1. Drying. The moisture content affects the final quality of alfalfa pellets directly. Drying the alfalfa until the moisture content reaches to about 15%. Therefore, a Sawdust Cylinder Dryer is necessary, then you can get the proper moisture content quickly. Or you can dry it naturally.

2. Grinding. The original form of alfalfa is not appropriate for the alfalfa pellet machine to process directly. Grinding it into proper size, the pelletizing rate and pellets quality will be better.

3. Pelletizing. Put the alfalfas into the feeder of alfalfa pellet mill, they will be compressed into columned pellets through the die and discharged from the machine. Thus the whole procedure is finished.
Tips→ Take care of the high temperature of alfalfa pellets. They will burn you if any direct touch happens. Wait a minute, then you can check your own alfalfa pellets.
Choice of Alfalfa Pellet Mill
To make alfalfa pellets, the first and most important thing is that you have to own an alfalfa pellet mill. If you want to make alfalfa pellets at home or small-scale production for own use, the flat die alfalfa pellet mill can meet your needs. However, if you want to manage a large or medium scale production, you can select ring die alfalfa pellet mill, which can bring you much more benefits.