Biomass pellets are widely used in various industries, such as power industry, heating industry and feeding industry, and so on. Besides these wide appliance, they are much comparative than other traditional fuel in cost, energy content and burning result or environment effectiveness. However, the technical process of biomass pellet is much complex, we should know for further developing our pelleting business.


1. Biomass Material Collection
we should take three main questions into consideration, the first one is factory service radius. The second one is supping form with which farmer provided to factory. The last one taken to been consideration is moisture content of the biomass material, in other words, the degree of material are winded, exposed and dehydrated by wind or sun.
2. Biomass Material Crushing
If they are sawdust or rice husk, it does not need to be crush. But it is essential to be crushed for straw material by crushing machines. The crushing degree is determinate by the pellets size.
3. Biomass Material Drying
The biomass material’s moisture content is required as 8%-20%, if the material is too dry, which can be easy to make the biomass pellet carbonization or fracturing. In the opposite, if it is too wet, which will cause a larger quantity of water vapor.
4. Pre- pelletizing Process
Pre-pelletizing is in order to boost productivity, that is, before pelletizing, the material are pre-pelletized to extract gas, reduce volume and increase density.


5. Heating Process
The purpose of heating process is exist into two roles, in one aspect, which make the ligation soft with the effect of adhesive. In the other aspect, which get the raw material soft to easy for pelletizing. Besides these purpose, which also impact the working efficiency of machine, for the rod forming machine, if the heating temperature is too high, which will result into pellets lower density, and thereby, it will make the pellets easy break.
6. Shaping Process
This process is carried out into sleeve, its inner diameter is much bigger than pellets diameter, so as to biomass pellets eliminate partial stress, with the lowing of temperature, making the pellets shape fixed.
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