How can we judge the quality of the sawdust pellets discharged from the sawdust pelletizer? If we judge simply from the pellet uniformity, the color and luster, and the density, which standards are very obvious and unreliably enough. Thus, we need to find the better method to judge the quality of the sawdust pellets.

sawdust pellet

This article introduces two inspection methods for your reference.
The qualified pellets contain more or less 10% moisture content in a normal level, and the quality of pellets density is much higher and harder from the angle of mechanics. The relevant inspection method is relative easy than the latter way indicated; the procedure is also simply to operate. The method is only placing the sawdust pellets into a cup of water, and then observing the sediment effect. The two results could be appear, if the pellets fall down to the bottom of the cup, which proves the pellets density is much higher and harder, which also indicates the extruding force suffered is very stronger and sufficient. And then the pellets are good quality; on the contrary, if the pellets float on the surface of the water, which certifies the quality is bad.
Choosing a container which is full of one liter water, and then measure weigh, from which we can get the weight of the container. After that we can filled up the sawdust pellets into container, and also weight both the container and pellets, the purpose is that we can figure the weight of the pellets only though subtracting weight of container in order to work out the result of qualified pellets. If the calculating result is within 0.6-0.7 kg per liter, which demonstrates the quality is better, because this numerical value parameter manifest the sawdust pellets extruded larger compression. Otherwise, the quality is not good.
From what above mentioned, we know the inspection method and choosing better wood pellet machine are also very important. Our wood pellet plant will give you the best quality solutions.