It is inevitable that the blockage would happen during the crushing process. What should we do when this happens? It is really a vexing problem. From the perspective of manufacturer, the blockage happens due to the unreasonable design and improper operation. What can we do to solve the blockage problem during crushing?

Reasons and Solutions of Wood Grinding Machine Blockage
1. The feeding rate is too fast. The fast feeding rate makes the load of machine increase, thus giving rise to the blockage, which makes the electric motor overload. The motor will be burnt after a long time overload. Under this circumstance, the feeding hopper should be decreased or closed. Also, the feeding rate can be adjusted by different feeding methods, like adding the feeder to control the feeding speed. There are manual and automatic modes for your selection. The wood grinding machine is featured by high rotate speed, heavy load and large fluctuating load. Therefore, the working current should be 85% of the rated current when operating.

wood grinder blockage

2. The discharge pipe is blocked. The crusher tuyere will be blocked if we feed too fast. Besides, the unmatched conveying equipment leads to the wind from discharge pipe weaken, even vanish. As a result, the discharge pipe is blocked. We should clean the air vent, change the unmatched conveyor and adjust the feeding rate to ensure the normal operation as soon as the breakdown is found out.
3. The broken or aged hammer and sealed sieve hole can also result in the blockage. Then the routine maintenance is especially necessary. Check and change the broken and aged spare parts at a regular time. Additionally, adopt the stainless steel body in the inlet area, which can not only ensure the long running time, but no sign of rustiness. By doing this, the production efficiency can be increased.
4. The raw materials have high water content. Though there is no strict limitation of the material moisture content, too wet wood materials will block the grinder. So the moisture content should be less than 14%.
If you want to get as few blockages as possible, it is better to take the above influencing factors into consideration when crushing. If you still have any doubt, please feel free to contact us, we can provide you the professional technical guidance.