Bearing is an indispensable part in wood pellet machine. All the bearings adopt sealed structure to prevent the dust, change their work environment and extend their working life. However, there are some factors resulting in the early damage of bearings.
1. Improper Installation
There are two reasons for the improper installation. First, install the bearings with brute-fore, which is the primary cause of bearing deformation. Hitting the bearings directly with a hammer hurts the bearings most. The other reason is the installation deviation. The bearings must be mounted to the place where they should be. If not, the clearance between each bearing will be too small, which leads to the inside and outside circle being in the different center of rotation. It is suggested that install the bearings with proper and professional tool, and check the result with the dedicated measuring instrument after the installation.

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2. Biomass Pellet Mill Bearing Pollution
Another reason for the premature failure of bearings is pollution, which means dust, metal filings entering the inside of the bearings. Open the package early before use, install the bearings in dirty working environment and work in the uncleanly condition are the causes of pollution. You had better not open the package of bearings before use. Besides, ensure the clean installation environment, clean the bearings to be used and enhance the sealing device are necessary.
3. Fatigue
Fatigue damage is the common bearing failure mode. The common reasons for the fatigue failure may include long-term overload operation, late and improper maintenance, aged equipment, etc. It is advised that choose the proper bearing type and change the fatigue bearings at regular and frequent intervals are required.
The reasons for the premature failure of wood pellet mill bearings are various. Improper installation, pollution and fatigue are the common ones. Therefore, correct selection of bearings, lubricants and lubrication method, proper installation and clean working condition ensure the normal work of bearings for a long time.