Nowadays when it comes to modern advances in fuel economy and ecology, wood pellets would first appear in your mind. Then why people switches to wood pellets as fuel instead of traditional oil?

What are wood pellets?
Before digging the reasons we have to know what are wood pellets. Wood pellets are one type of biomass fuel and one of the most enjoyable energy sources around the world. Wood pellets are usually made form compacted sawdust, forestry residues, industrial byproducts such as old paper and forestry waste. Sawdust comes from the waste of working factory, lumberyards and sawmills. So from the materials we can see that wood pellets are a recycled, reclaimed product. The diameter is between 6–12mm and length is 1–2cm.


Benefits of wood pellets
* After pelletizing, wood pellets are extremely dense, which makes long distance transportation and compact storage become possible. Besides wood pellets are heat-treated, so it can be stored in long term with less risk of molding.
* Wood pellets are a highly efficient fuel. The reasons are that wood pellets are denser than natural wood and have a low moisture content of less than 10% after drying, so very little of produced energy is needed to evaporate water. When burnt at high temperatures, wood pellets have high combustion efficiency.
* Wood pellets are environmentally friendly. Starting form the material, they are made from wood wastage, so the producing procedure itself can actually reducing the harm to environment. Then they are also eco-friendly after processing into wood pellets, because wood pellets produce very little CO2 when burnt, besides you are also reducing the usage amount of oil at the same time.


* Wood pellets can also be used as horse bedding to replace straw, which is hygienic and absorbent.

Increasing demands for Wood pellets
If you ever burned wood, you would know that the natural wood contains a lot of moisture when freshly cut, so it can not result best fire until dry out some. While as to wood pellets, the moisture content is less than 10% and have high combustion efficiency, so it can be used as efficient fuel.
As the price of fossil fuels increases, the demands for wood pellets used as fuel are increasing. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, wood pellets possess equivalent heat and lower price, further more its price are much more stable than other forms of fuel.