Bamboo is widely distributed in tropics and subtropics, like Asia, America, Africa, etc. In recent decades, the forest area on the earth surface is reducing, while bamboo forest area is increasing and widening year by year. Traditionally, bamboo is used in the industry like construction, handicraft, musical instrument, etc. Now, it has a new function—as the raw material for bamboo pellets.

bamboo pellets

Bamboo is native to China and this plant has strong adaptability and wide distribution. Seen from all over the world, there are about 70 genera and more than 1200 kinds of bamboos distributed in the tropics and subtropics. It is well known that bamboo is evergreen and sensitive, and it requires high heat and rich water. Therefore, the moisture and temperature distribution of earth surface determine the geographical distribution of bamboos. So only several kinds of bamboos are distributed in the Temperate Zone and Frigid Zone.
As biomass pellets industry has a great market, more and more people choose to make their own pellets at home. For those who are accessible to bamboo, turning bamboo into biomass pellets can benefit them a lot. Especially the people, who run a bamboo forest, are hunger for bamboo pellet machines to handle the bamboo wastes. Consequently, it is important to popularize the bamboo pellet machine to the whole world. Through bamboo pellet mill you can make your own bamboo pellets easily and freely whenever and wherever you are. This kind of machine is very adaptable, easy to operate and maintain, and anyone can use it even with scanty knowledge, there is also a user manual for guidance.
There are many benefits and profits to utilize the vast bamboo resources through bamboo pellet machines. Bamboo pellet fuel has the feature of simple production, convenient transportation, easy storage and environmental protection. Furthermore, its high calorific value makes it be the ideal fuel to take the place of traditional energy in various applications like heating, cooking and industrial steam furnace.
If you want to make bamboo pellets at home or small-scale production for home use, the flat die bamboo pellet mill is a nice choice. However, if you want to manage a large or medium scale production, you can select ring die bamboo pellet mill, which can bring you much more benefits. If you have any doubt, please contact us, and we will provide you professional biomass pellet plant solution.