Corn stover refers to the leaf, stalk, husk and cob that left in the fields after the harvest of cereal grain. It is a very common agricultural product in areas of large scale corn production, and it can be used to make advanced biofuel, be used as a low quality emergency livestock feed or directly be burned to save space for planting crops. Now, turning it into pellets as fuel becomes a new application.

corn stover pellets

Making corn stover pellets is an available way for most common people. In recent years, biomass pellets have become popular as a heating fuel to replace traditional fuels, like coal, natural gas and petrol. The pellets are clean, green, renewable and economical, and they release less greenhouse gases. Moreover, the ash after burning can be used as fertilizer. Corn stover, as the raw material for biomass pellets, is cheap and easy to collect. Corn stover pellets are smooth, dense and hard that can be used for home heating or cooking. They are easy and convenient to transport and store. Besides, they have high density, clean emission and long burning time. If you have some extra pellets, you can also make profit by selling them. Therefore, the corn stover pellets bring considerable benefits.
Before making corn stover pellets, you need to make sure your raw materials are dried to suitable moisture content. Thankfully, at that harvest time of corn, the corn stover is very dry and does not require additional drying before pelletizing. If the raw material is too dry, water should be added to increase the percentage of moisture content to required level. You can use a hammer mill to crush the corn stovers into proper particles before feed them into corn stover pelletizing machine.
Usually the corn stover pellet machine is designed with flat die, which meets the needs of small scale pellet production. Most importantly, you can make your own corn stover pellets at home. In addition, the corn stover pellet mill is characterized by compact structure, low power consumption, easy operation and long service life. Therefore, it is available for you to purchase a corn stover pellet making machine for home use. We also provide corn stover pellet mill with ring die for large scale production.
As a professional manufacturer of wood pellet mills, we have exported our corn stover pellet mills to many countries and won high reputations. The corn stover pellet mill can be customized according to your specific needs.