corn_stalk_pellet_machine Corn Stalk Pellet Line

Making fuel pellets is an emerging industry in recent years. More and more people embracing an idea of making profit have flooded into this field. As professional wood pellet plant supplier, we can make the perfect design according to your workshop and your different raw materials with the economical capital investment.
Taking corn stalk for example, we design a 2 t/h corn stalk pellet plant for reference.

Superiority of Using Corn Stalk to Make Biomass Pellets
* Low Fuel Cost
For example, to release same quantity of heat like 7,000,000 kilocalorie, we need to burn 1 ton coal, which cost at least 50USD. Whereas, corn stalk as agricultural residues does not cost any money.
* No Harmful Emissions
As a kind of common biomass energy, corn stalk releases less air pollutants like CO2 or SO2, has no carbon dioxide side effects in its use.
* Abundant and Renewable Resource
Corn stalk, as agricultural byproducts, are abundant and renewable. Since they come from agricultural sources and are cyclical. To a great degree, these products potentially never run out.






2 t/h Corn Stalk Pellet Production Line
1. FSP56*36 Wood Hammer Mill
Corn stalk is a kind of relatively soft raw material, and its diameter is less than 50mm, so the wood hammer mill is the best choice. Before processing, corn stalk should be ground into powder with diameter of less than 3mm, which is the optimal size for pelletizing.


2. RD-75 Rotary Drum Dryer
The best moisture content to pelletizing is about 13-15%, while the moisture content in corn stalk varies under different circumstances. So, you can make a choose according to specific situation.
* The good properties of consolidating, roasting and drying.
* Continuous rotation of drum makes the surface of material dry sufficiently, ensures high quality final product.
* Inlet steam pipe is sealed by the advanced rotary joint avoiding the leakage of steam and water.

3.MZLH508 Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
* Tend to be regularly used for pellets making of medium to large-scale.
* Eliminating roller skip, low power consumption, extended consumable parts life and qualified corn stalk pellet.
* Adopts high precision gear drive. Output of corn stalk pellets is 20% larger than that of belt drive.
* Adopts international advanced coupling shaft with novel structure, ensures a stable pelletizing process and low breakdown possibility.


4.SKLN1.5 Pellet Cooler
* Adopts counter-flow principle for cooling high temperature and humidity pellets, avoiding the hot material direct contact with cold-blast air in case of pellets surface cracking
* Adopts closed air entering system, large cooling space, good cooling effect.
* Slide valve device runs stably and discharge smoothly with less residue.

5. SDBY50 Automatic Packing System

wood_pellet_packaging_machine* High precision and speed with digital weighing instrument, simple to operate, stable and reliable performance.
* The parts directly connected with materials are made of stainless steel.
* Adopts auto alarming system, calculating gross weight, net weight and accumulated bags.

6. Electric Cabinet
With the electric cabinet, the corn stalk pellet plant can be operated easily and efficiently. Meanwhile, failure alarm and malfunction location system help the workers solve problem in a short time.
Note: We are professional wood pellet plant supplier and can make the perfect design according to your workshop and your different raw material with the economical capital investment. If you are intended to establish your career to make fuel pellets from waste materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.