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Get to Know Wood Chipper Machine
Wood chipper machine is also known as wood slicer and tree chipper which is an important device in wood material processing industry. Wood slicer machine mainly uses wood logs, large branches, brushwood, wood slab, waste veneer, bamboo, etc. as materials and processes them into wood pieces s or slices with certain specifications. Our wood chipper machine can be divided into disc wood slicer and drum wood chipper, customers can make their own decisions based on raw materials, budgets and other specific requirements.


Disc Wood Chipping Machine Instruction
Disc wood chipper machine is named for the disc plate with blades attached. It is a specially designed and easily operated wood chipping machine. Disc wood chipper can produce supreme quality wood chips for wood pellet factory, paper mill, wood shaving mill, fiberboard factory and wood pieces base. The finished wood slices are with uniform length,low breakage and flat incision. Our disc wood chipper can be made in fixed type and movable type, thus it is convenient to use.

Disc Tree Chipper Machine Advantages
♧Wood slices or chips length is adjustable and thus disc wood chipper has wide application in wood pellet making, papermaking, fiberboard, wood shavings industry, etc.

disc wood chipping machine

♧Low-voltage motor or high-voltage motor for preference. Belt conveyor can be equipped for large capacity wood chips processing.
♧Raw materials are of variety such as log, branch, bamboo, limb, cotton stalk, slab, wood leftovers, etc.
♧Compact structure,large capacity and high quality wood chips, but low electricity consumption and noise.
♧Disc blades are made of alloy steel or stainless steel; NSK or SKF bearings; robust and durable.

Disc Wood Chipper Structure and Working Principle

wood chipper disc and knife

Disc wood chipper is composed of machine chasis, disc knife, feeding hopper, engine, encloser and electric controlling device. It works in this way: wood materials are drawn from hopper at 10-15° leaning of the edge and chipped as soon as they encounter chipping blades. Disc blades set uniformly on disc plate; during chipping, cutting blades spin at high speed and chipping chamber creates airflow by which wood chips are blow out of the discharge hole.
☞Raw materials such as limb should be with diameter of less than 120mm and bark with the width of less than 160mm-180mm.
☞Disc knife is easy to abrade, our disc knife material can be customized: alloy steel and stainless steel are both available.
☞We guarantee 1 year quality warranty and a pair of spare parts (a disc plate and 4 blades) supplement.

Disc Wood Chipper Machine Technical Data

Model XP800 XP950 XP1100 XP1210 XP1410
Cutter dia. 800mm 950mm 1100mm 1210mm 1410mm
Turning speed/min 960 960 960 960 960
Cutter numbers 4 4 4 4 4
Capacity 3-6t/h 6-8t/h 8-10t/h 10-13t/h 13-16t/h
Motor power 30kw 30kw 45kw 75kw 90kw
Max log dia. 200mm 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm